Here's 3 of my own Lightroom preset, for a limited time. Just download, import in lightroom and enjoy.

jonsered 001 filter.jpg


Morning mist, dark forest, an open road, a drone and the 'Soothe'-preset. That's the recommended ingrediens for this preset, but it can of course be applied to many different shots.

Green Hell 001 filter.jpg

Green hell

Give that dull brown/green forest shot a boost with the 'Green hell'-preset.
Matt blacks for a cinematic feeling, modified greens and a bit desaturated makes this preset easy to use in various forest shots to create an interesting shot. 

Lost woods 01 filter.jpg


Lost in the forest, wandring around with your camera and it's getting dark? Perfect!
The 'Lost woods'-preset gives your dark forest shots a cinematic look. So dont panic, you're right where you want to be. Just keep shooting!